The Wondering Men
Acoustic Power Folk

Next Gig: Fr. 03.07.15, Giesinger Bahnhof Twin Set

All Star Band from Munich: Drei Songwriter, Drei Wahnsinns Stimmen, Drei Gitarren. Die besondere Power auf der Bühne. Jede Menge tolle eigene Songs. Authentisch interpretierte Klassiker. Mehrstimmig, abwechslungsreich und bunt gemischt. Folk, Balladen, RocknRol. Groovig und Energiegeladen. Improvisation gehört einfach dazu. Live, spontan und mittendrin. Mit ganz viel Gefühl. Zuhören! Dabei sein! Warum die sich erst jetzt gefunden haben, bleibt ein Rätsel.

Philipp Schalla, Groundswimmer, The Rol - Dreimal Wow!

Philipp Schalla, The Rol and Groundswimmer, three songwriter from Munich, joint forces in Oct 2013 and planned a couple of gigs together over the next months. We are playing folk songs full of energy and joy. And it doesn't matter whether these songs are our own or written by the hand of other great musicians. Everything will be played with the same energy & passion. So keep your eyes open and join us on exceptional songwriter evenings full of folk, blues, rock and of course, good music.

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Teaser: Wounds Open Arms Wondering Man Banjo

Never Play The Banjo Official Video

Old Men Cry (On Soundcloud)

The Wondering Men Live:

Fr 03.07.15 20:00 Giesinger Bahnhof (Twin Set)
Mi 29.07.15 20:00 Free&Easy Backstage
Fr 04.09.15 18:30 ?IsarInselfest
Sa 05.09.15 10:00 Schweinfurt Pflasterklang

Demo Roughmix Studio Feb. 2014:

Wondering Man

Via Vulcan

With open arms


Change the world

Live in Heppel & Ettlich Nov. 2013:

Change the world

Via Vulcan

The Wondering Men:

Oliver Di Iorio "Groundswimmer": vocals, mandoline, guitars, banjo
Roland Hannig "The Rol": vocals, guitars, bass, percussions
Philipp Schalla: vocals, guitars, harps, percussions

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The Wondering Men: Phil at M94.5

From Punk to Folkrocker: Rol at Blog

Own Songs (you definitely will love them):

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